About Us

Our team is made up of a passionate bunch of Australian and New Zealander developers and business folk. Our core principals are great products, great code, and great coffee.

We're based in Melbourne, Australia, the coffee capital of the world, and are lucky enough to have an office with a fantastic view. Although to be honest, we rarely notice it as we're busy programming.

Who are we?

Matthew Proctor - Kutamo Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO

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I founded Kutamo in early 2016, and am passionate about changing the way people run meetings in businesses. I'm very hands on - spending around two thirds of my time developing our product, and the rest running the business. I don't have a fancy office, just a desk full of monitors and caffeine close by!

Michael Sanders - Developer Lead


Platform Lead


I joined Kutamo late 2016, after almost a year of talking to Matthew about it. I am responsible for the architecture of the application, building both the back-end data and code as well as the front end UI, UX and JS and all those weird acronyms.
I'm constantly amazed how things work given the state of the tools and languages that are used to build web applications.

Alastair Batenan - Engineering Lead


Engineering Lead

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I'm in charge of all things engineering - servers, devices, networks and coffee machines. I've worked with everyone from small 2-person companies to large national companies with 10,000+ staff. While dabbling in the customer-facing features you'll usually find me behind the scenes, making sure everything runs smooth as the first sip of your morning flat white.

Aidan Proctor - Support & Community


Support & Community

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My brother (Matthew) throws me out of perfectly good planes! I look after our support channels and community at Kutamo, and help build our instructional content and tutorials. In my spare time, I'm an avid musician and performer. Did I tell you he throws me out of planes?

Kutamo Studios

We all work at Kutamo Studios, an Application & Web Development group in Melbourne, Australia. Learn more at https://www.kutamostudios.com/

A brief history of time

  • The universe was founded around 13.8 billion years ago, give or take a day. Sometime between then and now Matthew had an idea.
  • Kutamo was started in early 2016, and serious development began in September 2016, after a successful private capital raising.
  • Our product entered a closed beta (private testing) in December 2016.
  • After we recovered from the New Year festivities, we opened our beta to the public in February 2017.
  • We launched Kutamo officially in June 2017
  • We spun out ErrLog.IO officially in October 2017


We're also the creators of ErrLog.IO, an online error and exception reporting system for .Net and JavaScript developers.

The Legal Things

We are Kutamo Pty. Ltd., ACN 609 311 846. All content on this website, with the exception of that generated by our users, is © Copyright 2021 Kutamo Pty. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. More legal things are available to help you sleep at night on our Terms pages.