What is Kutamo?

Kutamo is an online tool designed to help you and your teams manage your meetings and outcomes, simply and efficiently!

Most outcomes and ideas from meetings today are forgotten - we write them down and never read them again.

Kutamo aims to solve that problem by helping people track meetings in more detail and to document decisions, outcomes and objectives online. No more pen & paper!

How Kutamo WOrks

Realtime Outcomes

Always waiting for the meeting leader to send out minutes or notes? How often do they forget, or they are so late that no-one ever reads them?

  • Receive instant meeting notes via email
  • Realtime updates sent to your favorite applications
  • Generate To Do Lists, Reminders and Outcomes
  • Collaborate, correct and update minutes
  • Track team member participation and statistics
Meeting Application
Collaborate with your team

Collaborate With Your Whole Team

Using Kutamo, you can import your staff and team members into a single, easy to use portal. Staff members can be grouped into logical organizational teams, such as Sales, Marketing and HR, making it easy to add people as a group to upcoming meetings.

Sharing Documents With Every Team Member

During a meeting, you can share documents and files with your participants.

Sharing lets you do more than just look at a document- you and your participants can comment on documents, add mark-ups, and highlight sections for discussion.

A wide variety of formats are supported, including all major document formats.

Sharing files - what formats we support
Sharing Files

Integration With Popular Software and Social Networks

Kutamo integrates with a wide variety of applications and frameworks. More are being added regularly - if you have a specific integration need, let us know!

  • Login with your Dropbox personal or business account
  • Share your Dropbox files with meeting participants
  • Upload your meeting minutes into your Dropbox account

  • Login with your Google or Gmail account
  • Share your Google Drive files with your meeting participants
  • Upload your meeting minutes into Google Drive

  • Login with your Microsoft personal, education or company account
  • Share your Microsoft One Drive documents with your meeting participants
  • Upload your meeting minutes into Microsoft One Drive

  • Login with your personal or business LinkedIn account

  • Login with your Twitter account