The pages below list a range of tutorials and guides to help you learn more about Kutamo and how to perform a variety of meeting activities. If you'd like more details or additional tutorials, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Creating Your First Meeting

Learn how to create a new meeting from scratch, including adding members and documents to share with your participants.

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Managing Your Members

Learn how to add your colleagues, clients or suppliers - to your account so that they can participate in your meetings.

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Managing Your Teams

Learn how to grouping your members together in teams and use team within a meeting. Members can join multiple teams.

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Sharing Documents & Files

Learn how to share documents and files within meetings, as well as enabling more effective collaboration between yourself and your participants.

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Running Your Meeting

A quick tutorial on how to run a meeting using the Kutamo platform - from managing agenda items and creating outcomes and polls.

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Getting Additional Help

Learn how to get more help from Kutamo staff members using our LiveChat tool, or sending us a message if we're not online when you need help.

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For a full list of our video tutorials available, click here.