K is for Meeting

Kutamo has been designed so meetings could go back to
being a useful tool in businesses.

Kutamo meeting demonstration

Step 1 - Create A New Meeting

Creating a new meeting using Kutamo is a very simple process.

Firstly, enter a name for your meeting, select when your meeting occurs, and add one or more participants (including yourself!) to the meeting.

Create a new meeting



Create your Agenda

Step 2 - Building your Agenda

You can create your own agenda from scratch, or choose from a library of templates. Each agenda item can have one or more discussion points and actions.



How it Works - upload files

Step 3 - Uploading Your Files

Upload any types of files to your to your meeting. Participants can comment on documents, add markup and highlight sections for discussion.

How it Works - settings

Step 4 - Settings

Make meetings public or private, and restrict your meeting to specific dates and times. Invite guests at any time to join your meeting.



Step 5 - Start Your Engines Meeting!

Once you have configured your meeting, you can start it at any time or wait until the time specified.

All participants access the meeting via a private link, and during your meeting you can see who's online and who hasn't yet arrived.

Start your meeting!



How it Works - sharing files

Step 6 - Sharing Files & Documents

Upload & share files during meetings and present documents to your participants, who can comment on them, add mark ups, or even share their own.

How it Works - Meeting Minutes

Step 7 - Generating Meeting Minutes

Create "meeting minutes" after meetings. Think of these as reports that are shared with meeting participants that include all discussions, documents, actions and activities during the meeting.