Using Google Drive with Kutamo

Aug 10, 2017     By Aidan Proctor

If you already use Google Drive in your business or organization, it's a breeze to integrate it into Kutamo. Login using your Google account and share your Google Drive files in real time with team contacts.

Using Google Drive takes just a few steps, and you only need to connect your account once.

Signing In or Registering with your Google Drive Account

Firstly, you need to select Google Drive as your preferred provider.

Signing in with Google Drive

Authorizing Google Drive

Once you've entered your Google Drive credentials (email address and password), Google will ask you for permission to connect to Kutamo. Click the Allow button to tell Google Drive that it is permitted to communicate with Kutamo.

Google Drive will then provide us with your name, and the ability for you to select files within Kutamo from your Google account. Our staff and engineers do not have this access, only you do!

Authorizing your Google Drive account

Completing your Google Registration

Once you have authorized your Google account, we'll retrieve some of your details (first name, surname, email address), and ask you to confirm these and provide a little more information about yourself. This helps us understand who you are and how we can best tailor our service to suit you.

Completing your Google registration

Accessing your Google Drive files

When creating a new meeting, or from inside a meeting itself, you can access your Google Drive files using the the file browser.

To start, simply select Google Drive as a source of your files. As you're already registered, you won't need to log in again.

Selecting a file provider

Navigating your Google Drive folders

If you have multiple folders in your Google Drive account, you'll be presented with these in an easy-to-use interface. You can navigate through your folders until you find the file or files you want to share.

Selecting your Google Drive files

Selecting a file from Google Drive to share

When you've found the file you want to share, simply select it and the file can be downloaded.

Downloading your Google Drive files

Transferring the file from Google Drive to Kutamo

Once you've selected your file, click the Get File button above and the file will begin transferring.

After the file has finished transferring, it will be available in your meeting to share!

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