We've had a makeover!

Jul 10, 2017     By Matthew Proctor

We've had a complete makeover!

Whilst we launched Kutamo a few months ago to our friends and family, we ahve been quietly working on a new and more professional style and layout.

Today, we've re-launched Kutamo with our new look and feel, and we think it makes a huge difference!

We've had a makeover! Our new Kutamo look & feel

Meeting Application Updates

You may also notice that we've completely redesigned our meeting application - it's much faster, and similarly much easier to use. We've fully integrated our Audio & Video conferencing capability, so that you can both see and hear your meeting participants in real-time during your meetings.

We've had a makeover! Our new Kutamo look & feel

Try out the new application and let us know what you think - we're confident we've found the best usability for managing your meetings in our new layout.

New Functionality

As you may have read in a previous blog entry, we've also added in Audio & Video Conferencing capabilities - you can now start or join a video call with your participants in the middle of a meeting, to build a more engaging and inclusive experience.

Have a suggestions?

If you have any suggestions, or have found a bug, or would just like to reach out, use the feedback link at the top of every page, or visit our contact us page.

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