Why Video Conferencing Is Necessary For Twenty-First Century Companies

Jun 25, 2017     By Neya Abdi

The world of work is changing, which means the tools we use are changing, too.

Online resources are the great equalizers for today’s companies. They make it cost-effective to accomplish things that required a large budget in the past. One of these supremely useful resources is audiovisual meeting tools.

AV doesn’t sound too glamorous, but it’s very necessary, especially for companies running meetings in the twenty-first century.

Allows You To Hire The Best No Matter Where They Are

In the past, you were pretty much stuck with local talent unless you had the resources to dispatch recruiters. And let’s assume you did know someone in Cairo who was perfect for your company in New York: Convincing them to relocate introduced the kind of legal and logistical problems that slow down or completely halt the hiring process.

Today, you can find the right person for the job on an entirely different continent and work together via the Internet. In fact, building an entire team of remote workers is not only doable but manageable when you use AV conferencing tools that let you conduct meetings like you’re all in the same room.

As our workforce becomes more geographically dispersed, it’ll be increasingly important to access tools that facilitate collaborations.

AV Conferencing Tools Are Cost-Effective

If your team’s growing and you know they are motivated, self-driven individuals, why invest in a larger office space when you can simply let some people work from home?

You save on rent, your employees save on transportation costs, and - as a bonus - you even save a bit on office supplies too since a portion of your staff will be using their supplies at home.

Increases Productivity and Efficiency

There are several studies that suggest remote workers are more productive. Of course, the assumption is that your remote workers are dedicated employees to begin with. Having audiovisual technology in place at your company makes it simpler to let employees check in from the comfort of their own home.

Remote workers report feeling happier and more valued compared to when they work at the office. This kind of set-up also creates an atmosphere of clarity and effective communication. When your employees are not interacting with your managers on a daily basis, those managers are compelled to clearly state their objectives and goals so that the next time they check in, they receive the right results. AV conferencing tools smooth that process out.

It also boosts the positive dynamics among team players. A common complaint among remote workers is that they feel isolated from in-office employees. At times, they feel like their colleagues minimize how hard they work simply because they do so from home. Tools that allows team members to see each other visually introduces familiarity that is hard to achieve by phone or email.

What’s more, AV tools are helpful for workers, period. Your management team may have members who aren’t exactly remote workers, but who are rarely in the office since they serve the company in an advisory capacity. Easy AV meetings let you make decisions on the spot instead of waiting until everyone’s in the same place at the same time.

Signals Your Company’s Success and Professionalism

Before consumers or clients even see a company’s product, they judge the company itself. They judge its advertising (or lack thereof), its people, and its website.

Quality audiovisual conferencing software provides a professional communication method that allows representatives to have face-to-face meetings with clients or demo products for potential customers. It instantly projects an image of professionalism, success, and of course, an up-to-date office.

Kutamo now offers audio and visual conferencing tools that let you collaborate with your team wherever they may be, in real time. Your team is waiting for you, so let’s get started helping you make those meetings matter.

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