Poor Sales? Surprisingly, You May Need More Meetings

May 12, 2017     By Neya Abdi

If your sales numbers are lagging, it’s time to call some more meetings.

We know, we know. More meetings? Isn’t the prevailing wisdom to hold fewer meetings?

Allow us to make a gentle correction. It’s not that you should be having fewer meetings. It’s that you should be having better meetings. Sometimes that means adjusting the frequency, cutting down the length, or setting a better agenda. That doesn’t mean eliminating them altogether.

So how should you use meetings to boost sales?

Get Sales and Marketing In The Same Room - Regularly

How familiar does this situation sound?

Your sales team isn’t very impressed with your marketing team. They think marketing has no idea what goes into closing a deal. On the other hand, your marketing team minimizes the role of sales because they don’t think sales understands the big picture. As far as they’re concerned, they generate the leads. They loosen the jar.

This is very unhealthy. Sales and marketing are like peanut butter and chocolate - they’re lovely on their own, but they work wonderfully together. Marketing has the expertise and the tools to take insights about their customers and transform them into effective campaigns that click in a prospect’s mind. Sales knows how to take those leads and nurture them into making a purchase.

Both sides need each other, and they should be meeting regularly.

The sales team needs marketing materials. When a customer says, “This is so cool. I’d love to learn more about how your product works.” a sales rep can instantly follow up with a video or an infographic that breaks it down.

Marketing wants to know what questions the sales team keeps hearing, so they don’t sink their money into creating a webinar their target audience couldn’t care less about.

Good meetings between these two sides means both teams are working efficiently and in sync. When sales has the material they need and marketing targets the right people, leads turn into customers.

Invest In Your Sales Team With Educational Seminars

A meeting doesn’t have to be fifteen minutes of moving through a check list. If you have the resources, bring in a sales professional who is at the top of their game to energize your employees.

Aside from the obvious educational benefits, these sorts of talks or seminars have a positive psychological benefit: They boost the status of your company in the minds of your team.

Salespeople can easily recognize two things: opportunity and value. This investment in professional development positions your company as a place where people grow and excel, not as a place to coast until they move on to bigger and better things. Instead, your company is the bigger and better thing.

Hold Celebratory Meetings That Recognize Results

Salespeople are naturally competitive and results-oriented. Even if your company doesn’t have the budget for hefty bonuses, public recognition goes a long way. Not only does it let high performers know they’re valued, it also shows other employees that their efforts at this company will not go unnoticed.

You don’t have to limit recognition to individual results either. Did your team exceed sales expectations last quarter? Celebrate the accomplishment as a team.

Remember: The purpose of a meeting is to bring people together to get something done. If you want to drive sales, your meetings should bring people together so they can collaborate, educate, and motivate.

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